About Monte L. Mann

Monte L. Mann is a Chicago trial lawyer representing business owners who need a “business divorce” from their co-owners or partners.  These cases have major consequences for the owners and their companies.  There is more to being a “business divorce” lawyer than being a good trial lawyer.  These cases are complex because they involve numerous other disciplines including:

  • The substantive law (both statutes and case-law) on the dissolution of corporations, LLCs and partnerships.

  • Business valuation methods, which come into play in fair value proceedings, where a “buy-out price” is determined by an arbitrator or judge.

  • Accounting and tax basics, because a company’s financial statements and tax returns may not reflect the company’s true value.

Monte L. Mann’s professional bio is here.  Information on his law firm, Novack and Macey LLP, is here.

For more on what business divorce lawyers do, see Peter A. Mahler’s excellent article “What it Means to be a Business Divorce Lawyer.”

(This is for informational purposes only and is not legal advice.)

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  1. Business divorce, interesting, Monte .

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