Our Attorneys

Novack and Macey LLP attorneys represent business owners who need a “business divorce” from their co-owners or partners.  We understand theses disputes are not just about money and often involve a vast amount of emotions for people with close relationships whose common interests have diverged to a critical point. These cases are complex and often involve numerous disciplines including:

  • The substantive law (both statutes and case-law) on the dissolution of corporations, LLCs and partnerships
  • Business valuation methods, which come into play in fair value proceedings, where a “buy-out price” is determined by an arbitrator or judge
  • Accounting and tax basics, because a company’s financial statements and tax returns may not reflect the company’s true value

We represent clients in:

  • Business disputes in federal and state courts and arbitration proceedings
  • Business divorce claims, and litigation for majority owners and substantial minority investors in private companies

For more information, please contact a Novack and Macey “business divorce” attorney.

Monte L. Mann

Andrew D. Campbell


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